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WHAT OUR CLIENTS ARE SAYING: "After being diagnosed with COPD, I was told I needed to carry oxygen and use it at all times.  My thoughts were such that I could get around without it, arriving at the many places I went, breathless, panting, and ready to collapse.  All because I hated those awkward, ugly, and heavy tanks of oxygen I had been given.  Frustrated, I was sitting in the waiting room of my respirologist, when I looked for a magazine and I found a card for Motion Specialties with this cool portable concentrator that was much smaller, and looked like a radio instead of a tank.  Excited and hopeful I went to Motion Specialties where I met Maggie Houssami their respiratory therapist.  She showed me the portable oxygen tank I saw on the flyer and hooked me up with one.  A year has gone by, and I am compliant with using my oxygen always. My energy level has increased, and I even swim in the pool to get exercise.  I'm no longer embarrassed to use my oxygen."    -Sincerely, Mary B. Valente  >>Read More Testimonials