Choosing Additional Options For Your Lift Chair

Choosing additional options for your lift chair is a great idea. It allows you to customize your chair so that it meets your unique needs and preferences. Lift chairs provide safety and assist with standing. They are also extremely comfortable and offer wonderful therapeutic benefits. Let’s look at the available options that can help take your basic lift chair and create an oasis of comfort and style.


You can choose between a two position, three position, or infinite position. If you are fine with some mild recline, a two position will suffice. A three position will enable you to lay flat which might be important for pressure relief, sleeping, and general relaxation. An infinite position lift chair means exactly that; you can choose any position from seated to lying flat. If having the option to be able to fall asleep in your chair is important, and it might become important down the road, an infinite position lift chair might be your answer.

Heat and Massage

This is where maximum therapeutic benefit comes in. Heat is great on those cold winter nights but it also increases circulation, eases sore muscles, offers general pain relief, decreases joint stiffness and increases blood flow.

The massage function on your lift chair will help with reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. Studies show it might also help with alleviating headaches and reducing anxiety. Rather than having to leave your home and visit a massage therapist, incorporate this feature into your lift chair and you can access it with the press of a button whenever you please.

Extended Footrests

Footrest extensions can be added for those individuals that have longer legs. Without your legs and feet hanging over the edge, circulation will be improved and overall comfort will be increased. The padded extension comes in the same fabric as the chair.

Fabric Upgrades

Choosing the right fabric requires thinking about who will be using the chair and when. If the need to eat while in the chair is important, choose a fabric that can be easily wiped down, such as Lexus Vinyl. Crypton is a very unique fabric that offers protection against spills, moisture, bacteria, and odors. It really provides a comprehensive list of benefits that can support multiple users with different issues.

Visit your local Motion Specialties for a complete list of available options, and to experience for yourself the different lift chairs in their showroom.

What our Clients are Saying

open quotesMy mom required very unique and customized parts based on her medical needs post strokes. We appreciate that you recommended an experienced OT specialized in wheelchair seating and one who speaks Chinese to communicate with my dad and my mom. Together, both you and the OT designed solutions that have improved my mom's seating posture and comfort and, more importantly, minimized injuries from her agitation. This required a lot of thought, experience, and care for your clients and it was clearly demonstrated by your serviceclose quotes
― Anonymous, Windsor ON