Preparing Yourself for Your New Stairlift

Preparing Yourself for Your New Stairlift

Getting a stairlift installed in your home is a big decision. At Motion Specialties, we want you to be prepared for this change, and get the maximum benefit from it. Speaking to a specialist at Motion Specialties is a very important first step in the process, but there are a few things to keep in mind even after you’ve decided on the brand and model of your stairlift, prior to the installation:

Discuss it with your Family

If you are living with other family members, (particularly young children) it’s important to speak to them before the stairlift is installed. Children are often curious about machinery, especially machinery that improves mobility so drastically! Explain to them that going up or down the stairs is difficult for you and that the stairlift is designed with a certain height and weight in consideration, and addresses a specific mobility need. It is not a toy or a means to transport things around the house, and treating it as either of those things can potentially damage the stairlift.

Our stairlifts allow you to fold their footrest, seat and arms for safety, to keep them away from children, and to allow others to use the stairs as well. Often stairlifts come with a key lock to prevent improper use by unapproved individuals.

Select the Right Stairlift Design

technician helping woman on stairlift

People getting stairlifts often ask whether they will need to re-decorate the stairwell or re-paint the walls after the installation. The     answer, for the most part, is: no. Indoor stairlifts, like Stannah stairlifts for example, come in a variety of designs and styles. Depending on the selection offered by the brand you’re considering, you should be able to select the upholstery and rail color that best matches your home’s aesthetic during the purchasing process. Installing a stairlift does not have to disrupt the decor of your home or create more work for you. A Motion Specialties specialist will certainly help you make your stairlift selection and take into consideration the degree to which your aesthetic preferences can be accommodated without compromising your comfort and mobility. You can also take a look at this brochure to compare and contrast our stairlift offerings. Don’t hesitate to ask the Motion Specialties team any questions you might have about your stairlift, its installation and use. Keep in mind our 24-hour call out policy stipulates that if you are experiencing problems with your machine after it’s purchased and installed, you can call for a 24-hour Motion Specialties technician to come and repair it. Installing a stairlift in your home is a big decision for you and your family, but it is one that is intended to give you greater mobility around your home and make your life easier.

What our Clients are Saying

open quotesYour technician’s commitment and ability to get my chair fully functioning again completely sets the bar for customer service.  Ironically, also quite fitting for the name of the company he works for – Motion Specialties!  I’ve been using a power chair for 18 years and used other service providers in the past; Dave’s service is specifically the reason I won’t go anywhere else but Motion Specialties.close quotes
― Maria, Toronto