What is a stairlift

You may have heard of stairlifts before or in some cases heard of them referred to as chair lifts.  Here we will briefly explain what a stairlift is and how it can help in making your home accessible.  Simply put, a stair lift provides a safe and reliable solution for individuals who have difficulty managing stairs. Stairlifts are a battery powered chair mounted to a rail that is used to carry the user up and down stairs.  Stair lifts are quiet, comfortable and easy to use.  A simple switch moves the chair up and down the track. They can also be operated by a remote control.  The track for the lift is installed on the stairs, not on the walls.

Short term stairlift solutions

Sometimes after surgery or injury a stairlift can be helpful for a short period of time.  Where a lift is needed on a straight staircase for only a short time, we can install a rental unit. Motion Specialties is Canada¹s leading installer of Stannah stair lifts, the world's largest and most reliable manufacturer of stair lifts. We supply stair lifts for curved and straight staircases indoors and out.

What our Clients are Saying

open quotesIt will be a year in October since I received my wheelchair through another vendor but it is only since working with Motion Specialties that I feel safe using it and able to travel longer distances. I would like to thank Kelly Drummond. She walked me through this whole process and without her I would not have been aware of the challenges seniors and people with disabilities face.close quotes
― Valerie, Barrie ON