Can-Dan Mobile Change Table

Can-Dan Mobile Change Table

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The Mobile Electric Height Adjustable Changing Table is a lifting device. Through the use of an electrically powered hand control, which is connected to a 24V actuator, the table is lowered to the height of the wheelchair, enabling the caregiver to provide transfer assistance onto the table in a safe manner.

Once on the table, the individual must be secured using the two (2) integrated safety belts. The caregiver can then proceed to raise the table to their ideal working height.

With a lifting capacity of 450 lbs., it is suitable for use in schools, clinics, private homes, group homes, nursing homes, and other caregiving situations.




  • Adjustable in height from 20” (floor to padded) to 36”
  • Powered by 110VAC to 24VDC power supply
  • Casters with brakes for safety
  • Mattress is germ resistant, fire retardant, and made of vinyl for easy cleaning


Mobile Model

Matt Size:  

Length:     62”

Width: 28” / 30” / 32”

Length:     72”

Width: 28” / 30” / 32”

Height Adjustable Range

20” – 36”

20” – 36”

Space Requirement: Length



Space Requirement: Width

28” / 30” / 32”

28” / 30” / 32”

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