Firefly Playpak by Leckey

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Playpak is a ‘portable activity kit’ that helps children develop through therapy and play. The Playpak shoulder bag contains rolls, wedges and supports designed by our clinical experts in collaboration with therapists. These components combine in dozens of ways to facilitate three crucial early intervention postures (active sitting, supine and prone) to let children play and learn during therapy sessions or in the home. Playpak suits babies and young children considered to be levels I-V on the Gross Motor Function Classification Scale (GMFCS), depending on their level of physical development.


Firefly Playpak


  • Provides support for children in sitting, prone or supine postures
  • Portable kit – all components fold into a compact lightweight bag which folds out to create a floormat



Folded Bag

  • Length: 44cm/17in
  • Width:  49cm/19in
  • Depth: 15cm/5.9in

Unfolded Bag, (Floor mat)

  • Length: 134cm/53in
  • Width:  75cm/30in
  • Depth: NA

Long roll

  • Length: 52cm/20in
  • ​Width: 9cm/3.5in
  • Depth: 7cm/2.8in

Short roll

  • Length: ​28cm/11in
  • Width: 9cm/3.5in
  • Depth: 7cm/2.8in

Positioning roll

  • Length: 66cm/26in
  • Width: 8cm/3.1in
  • Depth: NA

Head/tummy support

  • Length: 22cm/8.7in
  • Width: 26cm/10in
  • Depth: 25cm/9.8in
  • Angle: 6.5°

Large horseshoe support

  • Height: 11cm/4.3in
  • Depth: 10cm/3.9in
  • Min Seat Width: 20cm/7.9in
  • Max Seat Width: 25cm/9.8in

Small horseshoe support

  • Height: 7cm/2.8in
  • Depth: 9cm/3.5in
  • Min Seat Width: 20cm/7.9in
  • Max Seat Width:​ 25cm/9.8in

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