Otto Bock Ankle Foot Orthosis

Otto Bock Ankle Foot Orthosis

This AFO from Otto Bock aids in swing phase toe clearance and reduces plantar flexion impact in early stance. Its thin-walled polypropylene construction has been optimized for increased resilience.The full sole plate provides a more precise guidance for the entire foot as well as enhaced pressure distribution. Ther- moforming and machine grinding may be used to custom fit the orthosis to each individual. The 28U9 is notable for its minimal weight, high quality, and effective function.


  • Raises the front of the foot while the leg swings through
  • High level of wearer comfort due to calf & shin pads
  • Light
  • Good hygienic properties


  • Available for shoe sizes 35-37, 37-39, 39-41, and 41-44.
  • Height for Shoe Size 35-37: 300 mm
  • Height for Shoe Size 37-39: 330 mm
  • Height for Shoe Size 39-41: 345 mm
  • Height for Shoe Size 41-44: 390 mm

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