Ceiling Lifts 

Ceiling track systems are installed in the ceiling of the home and are used to transfer the patient either from one device to another within the room or in some cases to transfer from room to room.  Most rooms will accommodate a ceiling lift however an assessment will need to be done to identify that the structural requirements of the lift are met.  Typically there is not a lot of construction required however we do not recommend installing a ceiling lift track system yourself for safety reasons.  A variety of weight capacities are available for the lift, and slings come in various sizes and weight capacities as well.  Your Motion Specialties representative will provide you with details on what to expect as far as structural changes to your home, how often your lift should be charged and what to do in the event of a power outage.  Motion Specialties will also provide you with training on how to use your lift system.  Some funding programs may assist in covering the costs of a ceiling lift system.  Lifts will make transfers easier for the user and less of a risk to the caregiver in terms of reducing back injury.  Contact us for help in answering any of your questions on ceiling lifts.