Often a challenge for persons with limited mobility is finding a way to sleep comfortably since many mobility impairments may limit the ability to reposition independently.  Hospital beds or homecare beds allow the user to reposition with the push of a button resulting in better sleep and even better respiratory care.  Adjustable beds also help individuals who may sleep well but have difficulty in transferring.  Since beds raise and lower the bed can be adjusted to a more comfortable position for transferring in and out of bed.  Bed Rails also can assist with this function.  The third reason for an adjustable bed is to assist caregivers in accessing the patient without risking injury themselves.  Anyone spending a considerable amount of time in bed should also have a good quality pressure relieving mattress to reduce risk of skin shear or breakdown. 

A variety of orthopaedic pillows and positioning products are also available to assist with getting a better nights’ sleep.