Transfer Aids 

Transfer Aids are small devices that are used to assist a person in transferring in a variety of situations.  Items such as the Super Pole, Car Caddy, or a swivel seat are intended to assist the user in transferring from a vehicle.  Furniture Risers raise the height of the furniture to assist in bringing the person to a more compatible height for standing.  Transfer boards help a person who is immobile to perform a sliding transfer from a wheelchair to another seated position.  Items such as super poles aid the individual in standing and then allow the person to freely move to the next point of transfer without losing contact with the pole.  Transferring is one of the largest obstacles a person faces when dealing with mobility challenges.  Transfer aids like the claw cane provide some assistance for a person who does not fully rely on the function of a lift chair but requires assistance in standing from a seated position.  Contact your local Motion Specialties for more information about the right Transfer device for you.