Urinary incontinence is quite common and impacts 10% of 6 year olds, 15% of men over 60 and 25% of middle-aged and older women. Urinary incontinence is not a disease. It is a symptom of some underlying condition and should be brought to the attention of one's physician.  While Motion Specialties does not carry products to remedy incontinence issues, we do provide products to make incontinence more manageable from day to day.  As many of our clients are dependent on caregivers, incontinence issues may be a result of lack of resources for assistance as opposed to the result of an actual bladder incontinence factor.  Medical equipment products such as beside commodes may also be helpful in assisting with managing incontinence issues for persons whose limited mobility prohibits them from being able to use washroom facilities in a timely manner.  Creams and wash products are also available to help manage incontinence issues that may result in skin breakdown/deterioration particularly for individuals who may be confined to a wheelchair or bed for prolonged periods of time.  Not all products sold at Motion Specialties are shown on our website.  A local retail store can assist you in finding incontinence products including ostomy and catheter supplies to meet your needs.

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