Lift Chairs 

Lift chairs are easy to use and operate.  The primary function of a lift chair is to assist the individual in standing from a seated position.  As people age it becomes increasingly difficult to stand once seated.  Often the process of standing becomes painful and difficult and as a result elderly persons stay seated and begin spending the majority of the day in their chair.  The less we move the more difficult that these events become.  Lift Chairs are designed with a simple push of a button to raise the user to a point where standing is no longer difficult.  The effect of this is a person who becomes more mobile in all areas. 

Lift chairs are designed to look like a recliner and come in a variety of styles and fabrics so that they can be matched to your home décor.  They also come in leather look and contemporary designs to truly fit any home’s style.  Each lift chair has been engineered for long lasting durability and comes backed with a comprehensive warranty.  Lift chairs are stylish and reliable and a great way to start taking charge of becoming active again.