Canes can be used for many conditions, including injuries, arthritis, or problems with balance. A cane is helpful in steadying gait and taking pressure off of an injured extremity.  Motion Specialties offers a wide variety of canes and not all canes are shown in our product catalogue so we recommend speaking to a sales representative at one of our locations who can assist you in selecting a cane.  Canes can be wooden, aluminum, or steel.  Typically there are three styles of canes.  First, the traditional hook cane that looks like a candy-cane as we know it.  Secondly an offset cane where the handle extends forward before coming back and centring your hand over the base of the cane.  And third, a derby-style cane which more or less resembles a walking stick.  Folding canes are also available and most times these canes have a derby handle style.

The base of the cane may also vary.  Quad canes have 4 small legs at the bottom and come in a couple sizes to give you options for more stability or to reduce the amount of dependence on the cane in cases where the user in in the process of rehabilitation.  A mobility consultant will be able to give you further advice on options for choosing a cane and the options that may be available for transporting your cane or accessorizing your cane to maximize its function.