Air Wheelchair Cushions 

Air wheelchair cushions such as ROHO cushions provide the best pressure redistribution. Air cushions are composed of many pockets of air, which are interconnected so that the air can easily flow from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure. As well, air cushions are typically high—4” when unloaded— allowing emersion of 3-3.5”. This emersion results in the more body surface area bearing the load and therefore lower average “psi” (pounds per square inch) loads. ROHO offers a unique cushion called a Quadtro Select. This wheelchair cushion has air cells that are divided into four chambers. A patented slide switch controls whether these chambers are interconnected or separated from each other. With the switch in the open (interconnected) position, the client is positioned according to their functional needs. Then the switch can be moved to the locked position. This allows air to flow among the cells within each of the four chambers but not among the chambers, thereby providing a degree of positioning. Air cushions are also excellent shock absorbers. One disadvantage of air wheelchair cushions is that they need to be checked frequently to ensure that there is adequate air volume to prevent bottoming out.

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