Wheelchair Backs 

Wheelchair Backs typically contoured for positioning with a hard shell encased in foam and wrapped in a removable breathable outer cover.  Some wheelchair backs allow for custom cutting or molding to fit the shape of the user. Inherent with all foam, there is a propensity for it lose its shape over time and take a “compression set.” This means that the foam does not return to its original uncompressed height when the load is removed. This results in a reduction in the properties of pressure reduction and support. Because of this wheelchair backs should be replaced every 2 years to reduce the risk of skin breakdown once foam has begun to set.  It is advised to work with an occupational therapist when choosing wheelchair seating to ensure that the fit and function are appropriate for your daily use.  A more active user will want to ensure that the chosen back does not restrict them from being able to perform everyday tasks.  In addition, most funding agencies understand the need to replace seating in order to keep the user in good health so your therapist will be able to help you through the funding process as well.  Contact Motion Specialties for help in selecting your wheelchair seating.